Groupon 8 Day Weekend VIP Pass

Groupon 8 Day Weekend VIP Pass

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This Weekend VIP guest pass allows you to use any of our Xercise4Less gyms throughout February 2018 on weekends for just £5 courtesy of Groupon. 

This will mean the maximum days you can use the pass for is 8 and your £5 pass will entitle you access on all of these dates.

Saturday February 3rd
Sunday February 4th
Saturday February 10th
Sunday February 11th
Saturday February 17th
Sunday February 18th
Saturday February 24th
Sunday February 25th

To be clear, that's not £5 per day, thats £5 to use our amazing facilities across all those 8 days. Usual price per day pass is £6 meaning the RRP of this pass is £48.

How to redeem the 89% discount.

Please enter your unique discount code from Groupon to use the gym at the reduced price. As you have already paid £5 to Groupon, your unique code will knock the price of this product down to £0.

To purchase an item from our 4FiiT online store we do require you to create an account with us. When creating your account please be mindful that it will say 'Email - Please use the email address used when registering for Xercise4Less'. As you will not be a member of Xercise4Less yet just kindly use your usual email address.

When you've added this item to the cart, you will be prompted to enter a PT referral code, please be aware that the PT referral code does not apply when purchasing this product, so just click ‘no’ when prompted.  On the same page you will note there is a tick box confirming you are a member of Xercise4Less,  please tick this even though you are not a current member.

During checkout, you will be asked for billing details, please note no payment will be taking using these details - it is purely part of the checkout process.

Did you know that one of the biggest bugbears for many gym goers is lack of equipment and poor customer service?

You know the feeling. After making a vow to turbo-charge your fitness, you arrive at the gym after work intending to use the treadmill...only to find that all 3 treadmills are already occupied. Then when you look around, you see that all the other pieces of equipment are taken too. Pretty soon you notice another problem - there appears to be not a single member of staff within a 5 mile radius. Very frustrating.

Luckily that is not something you have to worry about at Xercise4Less. We believe that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. This means that our priority is in giving value to our customers by providing extra facilities, impeccable customer service and a spacious gym with an extensive variety of equipment. In other words we ensure there is enough equipment available for everyone and that there is always a friendly face around to provide you with any help you may need.

This is one of the qualities we have that makes us different from other gyms. We also have a rewards programme known as Xercise4Perks, where you can win a variety of exciting prizes and discounts when you collect points based upon your activities at the gym. All of these things have helped to boost the popularity of Xercise4Less.

But don’t take our word for it. Take it from hundreds of our customers who continue to come back to us again and again to train with us and smash their fitness goals.

How It Works

1. Buy your personal training credits here

2. Our team will add these credits to your account

3. Book the time and date of your sessions through the Xercise4Less Member App