Q: What is 4FiiT?

A. 4FiiT (Fun Inclusive Interval Training) is our dedicated Personal Training with guidance using state of the art, easy to use equipment that has been chosen to maximise your results and stimulate your body and mind. Our inspirational Personal Trainers are with you every step of the way to help transform you.

Q: How long is a Personal Training session?

A. A PT session will be 1 hour long in duration, enough time to work up a sweat!

Q: How long is a Group Personal Training session?

A. Group Personal Training session is 1 hour in duration, this will give you plenty of time to work up a sweat!

Q: What does a 1-2-1 Personal Training session involve?

A. 1-2-1 Personal Training is delivered by our dedicated team of experts. You will be guided through carefully crafted programs specific to your fitness goals. You'll receive guidance and tuition in all areas from exercise techniques to nutrition designed to maximise your results.

Q. What does a Group Personal Training session involve?

A. Group Personal Training is led by our motivated and well equipped professionals. Typically, you will work in group of people all sharing the same goals and motivation.Your sessions will be tailored and adapted according to your group size and fitness levels. You'll reach your goals quicker than you thought possible.

Q: How do I buy a Personal Training session?

A. You can purchase a Personal Training session from 4fiit.xercise4less.co.uk, where you have the option of purchasing 1-2-1 PT sessions or Group sessions.

Q: How do I buy a Group Personal Training session?

A. You can purchase a group Personal Training session from https://4fiit.xercise4less.co.uk/collections/4fiit-group.

Q: What is the price for a 4FiiT session?

A. You can see the pricing for a group session here: https://4fiit.xercise4less.co.uk/collections/4fiit-group

Or for a 1-2-1 session here: https://4fiit.xercise4less.co.uk/collections/4fiit-1-2-1

Q: How do I book my 4FiiT session?

A. You can book your 4FiiT session on our Xercise4Less Member App in the ‘Classes’ section - Press the drop down menu and select ‘4FiiT Bookings’.

Q: What is better for me? Group PT or 1-2-1?

A. Whether you thrive from training in a group with like minded gym goers who are wanting to transform themselves like you, or want a more personal approach in 1-2-1 training with your chosen PT, both will stimulate the same successful results which you aspire to achieve.

Q: Can I bring a friend with me to my 4FiiT session?

A. No, you may not bring a friend to your session, however you can both book onto the same group session so you are training together!

Q: I have a 4FiiT personal training consultation later, what does it consist of and what should i wear?

A. Your 4FiiT PT consultation will be the first chance for your PT and yourself to discuss your goals and the best course of action you both will take to get the results you desire. So bring your gym gear!

Q: How long after buying do I have to use my session after paying for them.

A. One week from when the credits are allocated - you will receive an email to confirm when the credits have been applied.

Q: Do my credits expire?

A: Yes they do:

If you have purchased a weekly recurring package your credits will expire 1 week from the date your credits were allocated.

If you have purchased a 1 month unlimited package, your credits will expire 1 month after the date your credits were allocated.

If you have purchased a 12 week transformation package your credits will expire 12 weeks after the date your credits were allocated.

Q: Where do I enter the promo code on my 4FiiT session to apply discount?

A. You enter your promo code on your 4FiiT package when you go to checkout your purchase on the website.

Q: If I am an off peak member, can I use my PT session outside of off peak hours?

A. If you have an off peak membership do not worry, there will be plenty of available classes within your off peak hours for midweek. You will be able to attend the PT sessions at any time on a weekend.

Q: If I have a preferred PT, will it be clear which PT runs which sessions?

A. Yes you will be able to see which PT's are running which sessions from the ‘4FiiT Bookings’ section on your members app.

Q: I was wondering if we could request to get a male or female personal trainer?

A.  When booking your personal training sessions you will be able to pick exactly which PT will be training you, if you would prefer to have a female or male PT, that is absolutely fine.

Q: When do 12 week camp sessions run?

A. The 12 Week Camp sessions run every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for the 12 week duration it's on.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Xercise4Less to buy a Personal Training or Group Training session?

A. Yes you must be a member to purchase 4FiiT personal training sessions. In some instances 4FiitT may be open to the public, keep an eye on the website for future promotions and events.  

Q: Do I have to buy 4FiiT sessions through the app or at my club reception?

A. For best practice and ease of use, we do advise booking through your members app where you can select which class you wish to select and your preferred date. If you do feel the need to book in club, you may do so by asking reception or ringing your branch.

Q: Is there a maximum number of people who can book onto one Group PT?

A. Yes, a maximum of 28 people can book onto one Group PT session.

Q. Can I reschedule my Personal Training session?

A. Yes you may if it is within the timeframe of your chosen package and there is sessions still available on the app.

Q. Is it necessary to book my 4FiiT session?

A. Absolutely, you must book in for your session so you are guaranteed a space before they fill up.

Q. Can I book my 4FiiT session in the gym by speaking to reception?

A. You are able to do so, feel free to ask your receptionist to book you on at a time of your choice.

Q: How far in advance can I book my 4FiiT session?

A. As soon as you receive an email that your credits have been allocated, you can book anytime within your timeframe.

Q: If I buy but then don't book am I refunded?

A. When you purchase your 4FiiT package you will be informed clearly you must use your credits before the expiry date upon purchase, therefore no refunds will be issued.

Q. If i am ill or miss a session can i have another one?

A. Yes you can, you will be required to cancel beforehand and you will be able to rebook another 4FiiT session on the app.

Q: How can I make sure my Personal Trainer is credited for my purchase?

A. To ensure your PT is credited for your purchase for the service they are providing, you will be able to enter their PT referral code which you can get from your instructor on the checkout page.

Q. What is a PT referral code?

A. If you want your PT to receive any bonus earnings from their excellent support they have given you, you can enter their referral code when purchasing your 4FiiT package. You can receive the PT referral code from your chosen Personal Trainer.

Q. Will my PT get paid if i buy sessions online and not through them?

A. Absolutely! The Personal Trainer will be paid in the same way as if you bought the sessions in the club. In order to ensure that this happens the PT will provide you with a unique referral code for you to use online. If the code is submitted incorrectly, the PT will not receive this.

Q. If the Personal Trainer I wish to use cancels the session for whatever reason, what will happen?

A. If your instructor isn't available and has to cancel do not worry. We will allocate another instructor available to take your session for you.

Q. Can I book my 4FiiT session immediately after my purchase?

A. You will be able to book your 4FiiT sessions as soon as your credits are processed, this may take anywhere between 24-72 hours.

Q: What should I do if i change my mind after purchasing, can I get a refund?

A.If you have purchased your 4FiiT personal training programme through the website you are entitled to a 14 day cooling off period. This does not apply on in club purchases.

If you have used any of your sessions within the 14 day period, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Q. Can I buy sessions for a club that is not my 'home club'?

A. Yes, you can use your PT credits in any of our clubs that have 4FiiT. You can book this through your member app when you have added another club to your account.

Q. What does 1 group lesson credits mean?

A. 1 Group Lesson credit means you have 1 credit to take part in one Group Training session available on the timetable.

Q. When will my credits expire?

A. Please refer to your confirmation email from Shopify as to when your credits will expire.  

Q: What happens if I don't use my credits before they expire, will they roll on to be available at a later date?

A. If you do not use your credits before they expire they will not roll on to a later date and must be used before they expire.

Q: What date will by Direct Debit go out if I have purchased a 4FiiT Subscription?

A. Your Direct Debit will be taken out from the date you purchase your 4FiiT subscription on a monthly basis or if you wish to pay the full package upfront.

Q: How often do I make payments?

A: If you chose a "X per Week" package (this is referred to as a recurring payment), you will be debited every week until you cancel your subscription using the "Cancel my subscription" link at the bottom of the page.

Q: What happens if I miss a payment on my subscription?

A. If you miss a payment you will not receive your credits for your session.

Q: If I miss a payment on my subscription, will Xercise4Less attempt to take this at a later date?

A. Yes, we will try to attempt payment 3 times on consecutives dates after the arranged payment date, if the 3rd attempt to take payment is unsuccessful your subscription will automatically be cancelled.  

Q: If I decide I want to change my Personal Trainer halfway through my subscription, am I able to do this?

A. Of course you are, you can select whichever PT you require as long as long as that specific PT is available at the time you wish to train.

Q. What happens if I wish to cancel, how do I go about doing this?

A. You may cancel your subscription at any time. Click on "Cancel my subscription" at the bottom of the page. Click on the "Manage" button next to the subscription you wish to cancel and click "Cancel".

Q: I was wondering if we could request to get a male or female personal trainer?

A. You certainly can! We have plenty of male and female PT’s at your disposal to pick from!