Meet Our 4FiiT Ambassadors

We love to share the incredible achievements of our 4FiiT members so a few weeks ago, we began the search for our first ever Xercise4Less 4FiiT Ambassadors to help shout about the successes of our gym members who are embracing their fitness journey with either our personal trainers or our popular Transformation Camps!

We were looking for regular gym members - not celebrities or professional powerlifters - but real people with real stories. We heard from a great number of different people and we’re excited to share with you our four 4FiiT Ambassadors.


What is the 4FiiT Ambassadors programme?

The brand new 4FiiT Ambassadors programme is a way for us to shout about the successes and amazing achievements of our 4FiiT members, following a select group of gym members on their personal training journey.

Make sure to check back regularly to see how our ambassadors are getting on, and to get a glimpse at whether personal training may be right for you!


Introducing Our 4FiiT Ambassadors...

Toni ( @toniannfarley
is 21, training to be a teacher and is a member of Xercise4Less Wigan. She’s already lost two stone over the past few years, and her main goal is to lose weight and work on becoming more muscular.

Toni started out with 4FiiT through a Transformation Camp, and loved the community feel of the sessions - perfect for extra motivation. 



Kate ( @taming_the_shrew_ Kate
is 47 and a member of Xercise4Less Darlington. Her main goals are to lose weight and be as fit and healthy as possible!

After she joined one of our most recent Transformation Camps with a neighbour, Kate made plenty of new friends in her 4FiiT group and has already booked onto another camp in January! 


 Jordan (@ _jordanmacintyrex


Jordan is 18 and a member of Xercise4Less Hamilton. Her main goal is to tone muscle and stay fit. Jordan makes it to the gym 3 times a week and fits her gym sessions and classes around college and work.

After taking advantage of free personal training consultations in the past, Jordan took part in one of the recent Transformation Camps, loving the support and advice from expert trainers and is excited to see how her fitness journey continues.



Jo ( @jo_does_the_food Jo

Jo is 30 (31 in a few weeks!) and a member at Xercise4Less Doncaster. Her main goal is to lose weight and get fit and healthy before her wedding (even though having a three year old doesn’t make getting to the gym easy!)

Jo took part in the most recent Transformation Camp, and is taking part again in January.


Watch this Space!

Our ambassadors will be posting on social media regularly to share their 4FiiT sessions and experiences.

They’ll also post to their 4FiiT Diary here and their own social accounts, so you can share their personal training journey with them but also keep an eye out for ambassadors taking over our Snapchat and Instagram accounts to share their sessions!

Find out more about our 4FiiT personal training sessions here