From Transformation Camps to Water Polo - How Is 4FiiT Ambassador Toni Kick Starting 2018?

After learning about their goals for 2018, we thought it was about time we caught up with our 4FiiT Ambassadors to see how they’re getting on, starting with Toni.

21 year old trainee teacher Toni is working at losing weight through Transformation Camps and personal training sessions and last time we checked in she was making great progress. If you want to find out more about Toni’s 4FiiT journey, you can read her first 4Fiit Ambassador blog here.

We wanted to see just how Toni was getting on with her fitness goals for this year with our Transformation Camps, and to give her an extra motivational push!

We caught up with Toni and here’s what she had to say...

How have you been working out this January - both in 4FiiT and outside 4FiiT?

“I have been going regularly to the gym and get around 5 workouts in a week! 3 of which are the transformation camps and 2 being spin. I also train with my water polo team on a Wednesday night and have just returned from competition”.

Toni’s really smashing through the Transformation Camps! With three sessions a week, the motivation of group training should spur her on through the next month too.


How has your nutrition and diet been?

“My nutrition and diet are improving, however I'm still struggling to find a steady balance between fats, carbs and proteins, but I'll get it soon!”

Getting that diet right is something plenty of people struggle with, but it’s a key part of hitting those fitness goals and Toni’s determined to get the balance right.


How are you generally feeling this month?

“Overall this month, I'm feeling a lot healthier already and very optimistic about the rest of the year”.


What are your fitness plans for the next few months?

“Over the next few months I am aiming to increase my weekly gym sessions to 6 and will hopefully have a set nutrition plan in place to optimise my performance”.

Great to see Toni pushing on and upping her session count. It looks like the 4FiiT motivation is paying off, and she’s going to have to set herself some even more ambitious goals at this rate.

Keeping up that all important momentum with personal training sessions and transformation camps is driving Toni forward and she’s got a pretty intense but rewarding fitness regime going. 


What are your plans outside of fitness for the next few months - any upcoming events, birthdays or holidays you're working towards?

“Over the next few months I am pretty busy, with quite a few events. The main event I’m looking forward to is my birthday which is on the 26th of March, so hopefully I’ll be 1/2 a stone lighter by then! I also have a few more weekends of water polo competitions coming up (10+11th of Feb and March) so I hope to be fit for those!

I also have an event for our water polo team coming up to raise money for charities in March and would love to have gained a healthier look by then!”

Toni definitely isn’t letting her packed schedule get in the way of her 4FiiT goals.

She’s setting herself achievable, personal goals focused on her health and lifestyle. It’s all about getting the right balance, and Toni is using her birthday and water polo competitions as huge targets to push towards!

What’s next for our 4FiiT Ambassadors?

If you want keep up to date with how Toni is getting on, and give her a motivational shout out while you’re at it, follow her on Instagram @toniannfarley.

You can also learn more about joining our Transformation Camps or our personal training sessions here, and kickstart your own 4FiiT transformation journey!