From Martial Arts to Personal Training - How Is 4FiiT Ambassador Jordan Kick Starting 2018?

Our 4FiiT Ambassador Jordan set herself some pretty ambitious fitness goals for 2018, so we thought it was about time to check in, see how she’s getting on, and offer some support from the 4FiiT community!

You can find out more about Jordan’s personal training goals by reading her first 4FiiT Diary blog so go read up on her journey and go show her some support on Instagram at @_jordanmacintyrex.

We caught up with Jordan right in the midst of studying for exams, but still finding time to fit in those all important gym sessions. Here’s what Jordan’s been getting up to since we last checked in…


How have you been working out this January - both in 4FiiT and outside 4FiiT?

“I’ve smashed a few of my personal bests within the short space of this year which is part of my goals for 2018. So far, I’m currently able to squat and deadlift 60KG which I’ve always been afraid of doing, so I’m super happy about this and I can’t wait to see how much further I can improve throughout the year!

I also have managed to use the free weight calf press at 140KG and leg press 220KG so again I can’t wait to see how much I will be able to do by the end of the year! I’m also training 6 days a week including my usual routine of martial arts training.”

Jordan hasn’t wasted any time getting to work on her training goals this year. We all know what an incredible feeling it is to smash through your personal best, and thanks to her 4FiiT sessions, Jordan is progressing really quickly.



How has your nutrition and diet been?

“I have loads to do with college work right now. I’m eating healthier and trying to go on walks which helps me clear my mind and get a bit of extra cardio in as well.”

It’s great to see that even though Jordan has a lot on her plate right now, she’s still managing to eat healthily and keep getting in some valuable exercise.

Plus, PT sessions should help to keep up that training regime while Jordan has other priorities!


What are your plans inside and outside of fitness for the next few months - any upcoming events, birthdays or holidays you're working towards?

“Right now it’s all about studying.

I have loads to do with college, but once I’ve got everything back into order I’ll be getting back to my routine straight away. I might also be doing another Transformation Camp that will help me be more motivated.”

Jordan might be taking it easy on the fitness routine at the moment, but a Transformation Camp is the perfect way of getting back into the rhythm of regular sessions.

There’s no better way of letting off some steam after the stress of exams either!


How can you keep up to date with Jordan’s fitness journey?

Jordan will be posting updates on her Instagram account, so if you want to keep up to date with how she’s doing, you can find her at @_jordanmacintyrex.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for her next 4FiiT Diary blog too!