An Update on 4FiiT Ambassador Toni’s Fitness Journey: A New Job, Changes in Workout Regime and New Goals.

4FiiT Ambassador Toni has been keeping busy as always - but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to work at losing weight and keeping fit. She’s continued to keep up with her workouts, even adjusting her regime to fit her busy schedule.

We last caught up with Toni in February, so we decided to get in touch with her again to see how she’s progressing with her fitness journey so far.

Here’s what she had to say…

How have you felt over the first few months of 2018 with your regime?

My regime over the past few months had been up and down, due to starting a new job that requires me to travel up and down the UK on a weekly basis. I have tried to either find an Xercise4Less in the area I’m working in or do a few home workouts that were previously given to me by one of the personal trainers at my home gym.

She may be finding it difficult to find the time and the place to keep up with her workouts, but Toni is still trying her best to make sure she finds the time to workout at home, using the workout information provided by her personal 4FiiT trainer.


What workouts have you been doing?

I have been doing a lot of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training with light weights to keep the weight stable and hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will get a good regime going to work alongside my current job.

How has your nutrition and diet been?

My nutrition has been one of ups and downs, but is finally starting to become a balanced & healthy diet with treats in between! I’ve been trying to have a breakfast that will fill me up for longer and eat a lot of fruit to target the sugar cravings.

When we last spoke to Toni, she mentioned she was struggling to find a balance between carbs, fats and protein, but it’s clear she’s been working hard to find that balance and we’re happy to see this is something Toni’s continuing to work on!

What are your fitness plans for the next few months?

Over the next few months I am really going to step up and work hard to really lose the weight I need to shift! I am aiming to workout at least 4 times a week whether that be at the gym or at home/hotels.


What are your plans outside of fitness for the next few months - any birthdays, events or special occasions?

I don’t currently have any events lined up that will set a target for my weight journey but I would love to book a holiday to give me the initiative to really step up a gear and work hard.

While holidays may give some people an excuse to slow down with their fitness regime, Toni is hoping to use it as a way to stay motivated and kick her fitness regime up a notch!

How can you keep up to date with Toni’s fitness journey?

If you want keep up to date with how Toni is progressing (and give her a motivational shout out while you’re at it) follow her on Instagram @toniannfarley.

You can also learn more about joining our Transformation Camps or our personal training sessions here, and kickstart your own 4FiiT transformation journey!