4FiiT Ambassador: Meet Toni

We recently launched our brand new 4FiiT Ambassadors programme and started looking for the right candidates who would help to share the successes of our members. After a few weeks, we found our first group of ambassadors. Meet Toni! 

Tell​ ​Us​ ​a​ ​Bit​ ​About​ ​Yourself

I’m Toni and I’m 21. I’m currently training to be a teacher, and I’ve been attending Xercise4Less Wigan for about 4-5 months. I go to the gym five days a week - and every Tuesday and Thursdays I go with my dad, who is a boxer. I also go to spin class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and sometimes play water polo - so I’m pretty busy!

How​ ​Has​ ​the​ ​4FiiT​ ​Programme​ ​Helped​ ​You?

I am currently taking part in the Transformation Camp and I am loving every minute of it. One of the main reasons I decided to take part in the Transformation Camp was to work on becoming more comfortable in myself, and it is really helping me to feel better about myself. I’ve truly enjoyed every minute of it, and I’ve booked a place for the next Transformation Camp in January too!

What​ ​Is​ ​It​ ​You​ ​Enjoy​ ​About​ ​the​ ​4FiiT​ ​Programmes?

I really enjoy the community aspect of the Transformation Camps, and I also like that we work with expert trainers who give us the extra push and motivation we need. I found it pretty hard at first, but I did enjoy it. This is my first time working with personal trainers and I like the fact that they are there to give you etra motivation, which is very helpful.

What​ ​Are​ ​Your​ ​Main​ ​Goals?

I’ve managed to lose two stone in the past two years - and my current goal is to lose more and hopefully get down to 11 stone. I also want to reduce my body fat down to 12% and work on gaining more muscle too!

How​ ​Can​ ​We​ ​Keep​ ​Up​ ​To​ ​Date​ ​With​ ​Your​ Fitness​ ​Journey?

I use Instagram quite regularly and will start to post more about my fitness journey as a 4FiiT ambassador. My Instagram username is @toniannfarley - watch this space!