4FiiT Ambassador: Meet Terri!

We’ve recently been working on expanding the 4FiiT Ambassador Programme, so meet Terri, one of our newest 4FiiT Ambassadors!

Terri joined her first ever Transformation Camp just a few months ago - and she’s already seeing great results! Here’s what she has to say about her fitness journey so far.


Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

I’m Terri and I’m 29. I’ve been attending Xercise4Less gym in Darlington since around February this year. I’m currently balancing a full time job with a part time masters degree in technology management, so I’m quite busy! I’m also a mother to two naughty pooches.


What are Your Key Goals?

Originally, I wanted to get back in shape before my brother’s wedding last July. I started by focusing on getting my weight into a healthy BMI range which I have successfully managed to do. I’m now moving onto building lean muscle!


What Motivated You to Get Involved with Our 4FiiT Training?

I used to roller skate as a referee for a local roller derby team - but once I stopped doing that last year, my lifestyle became sedentary! I began working out at home in January this year, but I had hit a plateau and wasn’t seeing progress any more, so I knew it was time to make a change and do something different if I wanted to see some results. I joined Xercise4Less in February and joined up for the Transformation camp right away, which has helped me to try different workouts including spinning!

Our Transformation Camps and personal training services offer a wide variety of classes and workouts, and Terri has been able to use this to try something different to overcome the plateau she has hit - something we actually see with a lot of our members!


How Has 4FiiT Training Helped You?

I’ve been attending the Transformation Camp 3 times a week - spinning 3 times and core 4FiiT once a week - and I’m loving the classes! I’m also due to start personal training once I get back from holiday in May. I’m seeing great results so far, and I’m certain it’ll only continue to improve!

Attending the Transformation Camp has helped Terri to try out new workouts and alternate between different exercises, which has helped to successfully get rid of the plateau she had hit.

She’s certainly happy with the results she’s seeing, and we’re sure she’ll only to continue to improve once she starts her personal training!


How Can We Keep Up to Date with Your Fitness Journey?

I am quite active on Instagram, so I’ll be using this to post regular updates on my journey as a 4FiiT ambassador. Feel free to follow me on @tezzabombezza!


What’s Next?

We’re continuing to expand our 4FiiT Ambassador Programme, so keep an eye out for our new 4FiiT Ambassadors! In the meantime, be sure to head over to Terri’s Instagram page and give her a motivational shout out!