4FiiT Ambassador: Meet Rachel

Since its launch late last year, our 4FiiT Ambassador programme has seen incredible successes and has helped to encourage and motivate many customers throughout their fitness journey.

We’ve been continuing to look out for new gym members to share their success, so meet Rachel, our newest ambassador!

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

I’m Rachel and I’m 28. I attend the Xercise4Less Leeds North gym, and have recently just started my fourth Transformation Camp. I attend the gym around 4-5 days a week for 1-3 hours, and juggle this with work and having to care for my husband.

What Are Your Key Goals?

Right now I am focusing on trying to lose my belly!


What Motivated You to Get Involved with Our 4FiiT Training?

I didn’t really have a fitness regime before I started attending the Transformation Camps, and I wanted to get into fitness again after having a year out due to an injury.

Our Transformation Camps are an ideal option for just about anyone - regardless of whether you’re familiar with the fitness regime or new to it. We’re glad Rachel is taking advantage of that despite having a year out!

How Has 4FiiT Training Helped You?

The Transformation Camps I have attended have really helped me to get into a solid routine and have helped me to get back into a proper fitness regime. I’m now attending the gym multiple times a week!

The camps are great at not just helping members accomplish their fitness and health goals, but also boosting confidence and motivating members through team exercises. With this, Rachel has gone from not attending the gym at all for a year to going multiple times a week! 

What’s Next?

We’re continuing to expand our 4FiiT Ambassador programme, so keep an eye out for our new 4FiiT Ambassadors! In the meantime, if you’d like to give Rachel a motivational shout out, or just want to keep up to date with her fitness journey, be sure to head over to her Instagram page!