4FiiT Ambassador: Meet Jess!

We recently launched our first ever 4FiiT Ambassador programme late last year, and our 4FiiT Ambassadors have been sharing their incredible accomplishments and shouting out about the successes they’ve achieved with the 4FiiT training programme, helping other gym members to embrace our Transformation Camps and personal training.

We’ve been working on expanding the 4FiiT Ambassador Programme so meet Jess, our newest 4FiiT Ambassador!   

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

I’m Jess and I’m 19. I attend Xercise4Less gym at Brierley Hill. I’m currently studying at uni whilst also working at a nursery, and fit my gym sessions around this.


Finding it hard to diet ? Thinking about giving up? Well don’t because it’s all worth it I promise you ! Just believe in yourself you can do this , don’t let it beat you! I went from 12.1 to 8.9 ( size 14 to size 8/10) Want some tips on eating or exercise? Follow our page for more info or send personal message for tips. Keep going you can do this 💪💪 It’s not easy at all and will take time it took me just over a year so never say it’s impossible! (First pics where im blonde are from 2016 and brown haired pics are from 2018). #transformation#motivation#weightlossjourney#body#health#fitness#gym#xercise4less#xercise4lessbrierleyhill#myyellowgym#4fiittransformation#4fiit#muscletraining#healthylifestyle

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What are Your Key Goals?

To start with, my goal was to lose weight, but now I’m focusing on toning up as I would love the outline of a six pack.

What Motivated You to Get Involved with Our 4FiiT Training?

I had attended personal training for a couple weeks previously and it had helped me to lose weight, I also completed a Transformation Camp in January which helped me to learn a lot about nutrition and new exercises. As I had managed to lose up to 3 stone, I wanted to work on my confidence more and also learn some more new exercises, which is why I decided to attend some more 4FiiT training sessions.

Attending Transformation Camps has helped Jess to learn about nutrition and exercise, and she’s been able to lose 3 stone, which is an incredible achievement! She’s now focused on getting her confidence levels up with the help of our 4FiiT personal trainers, and we’re certain she’ll smash those goals too.

How Has 4FiiT Training Helped You?

My fitness regime is a lot better now - I am attending the gym around 5-6 times a week. I’m definitely feeling a lot more confident now and can complete many different types of classes and workouts on my own!  

We’re pleased to see Jess has been able to achieve her goals with the help of the 4FiiT training! Not only has she successfully managed to increase her confidence, but she’s now at a stage where she’s comfortable trying out new things and completing classes and workouts on her own.


How Can we Keep Up to Date with Your Fitness Journey?

I am quite active on Instagram, where I regularly post photos from the gym, meals that I eat during the day and also transformation photos. I’ll continue to do this to give regular updates on my journey as a 4FiiT ambassador. Feel free to follow me on @jesskieronfitpage!

What’s Next?

We’re continuing to expand our 4FiiT Ambassador Programme, so be sure to keep an eye out for our new Ambassadors! In the meantime, be sure to head over to Jess’s Instagram page and give her a motivational shout out!