2018 Fitness Goals from Our 4FiiT Ambassadors

In December, we launched our first ever 4FiiT Ambassador programme to give you an insight into just what it’s like to dive into a 4FiiT personal training program.

A month on, we caught up with some of our amazing ambassadors to see where they are on their fitness journey and what their goals are for this year.

Here’s what 4FiiT ambassadors Jordan and Toni have planned for 2018...



21 year old ambassador Toni has been pretty busy over the last month, attending Xercise4Less several times a week and combining her gym time with spin classes and water polo too.

Here are Toni’s fitness goals for 2018:

“I have quite a few goals that I’m hoping to achieve this year - I guess you can say I’m ambitious! I’m hoping to drop at least ½ a stone before my birthday in March, and then drop to my goal weight of 11 stone by July!

Despite my hectic schedule and busy lifestyle, I’m aiming to hit the gym at least five times a week - including three Transformation Camp sessions!”

Toni isn’t letting anything get in her way this year, and for good reason - frequent sessions at the gym means she’ll be achieving her goals in no time. Not only that, but she’s also beginning to work on her diet and nutrition, so she can be as healthy as possible. 



“I’m also going to work on educating myself on nutrition, because this year I want to become the best version of myself. Not only that, but I want to become more confident in my appearance and start to believe in myself, and try and learn new and exciting things about myself along the way.

I’m also keeping two of my favourite quotes in mind as a reminder of myself, and I want to share these with you all too!”

"When you feel like quitting, think about why you started"

"Fitness isn't about being better than someone else, it's about being the better version of yourself"



Toni certainly isn’t letting up on her fitness regime in the new year! Multiple gym and transformation camp sessions a week will have her well on the way to blowing her goals out of the water this year.



18 year old Jordan has quite the hectic lifestyle - a regular gym-goer who fits martial arts training and her Transformation Camp sessions around both college and work.

Here are her goals for 2018:

“One of my goals for this year was to create a fitness page on Instagram (@jordanmacintyrex) - which I have already done. I will be sharing regular updates about my fitness journey and my goals on there - so keep an eye out!

I am also aiming to get stronger and smash my PB’s as well as gain more cardiovascular endurance -  unfortunately I’ve been getting really poor at the moment with this because of being ill.”



Despite her busy lifestyle and issues with her health, Jordan is determined to keep going and fitting everything in around work and college! Her goals include training harder at the gym, and she’s also trying be healthier at home with her eating habits too...

“I want to change my eating habits into a more healthy and consistent pattern - rather than just being healthy on weekdays and then indulging at the weekends.

Finally, I want to work on not making excuses for missing the gym and train as best I can - despite having a lot coming up in the next few months with college. I know I can do this!”

It’s great to see that Jordan is powering through with her fitness goals despite a few bumps along the way, and a Transformation Camp or two is sure to give her the motivation to smash those targets for 2018!


What’s next for our 4FiiT ambassadors…

Jordan and Toni are well on their way to achieving their fitness goals this year with the help of our personal training and Transformation Camps.

If you want keep up to date with how our ambassadors are getting on, and give them a motivational shout out while you’re at it, follow them on Instagram @jordanmacintyrex and @toniannfarley.

You can also learn more about joining our Transformation Camps or our personal training sessions here, and kickstart your own 4FiiT transformation in 2018.