What is 4FiiT Personal Training all about?

What is 4FiiT 1-2-1 Personal Training?

1-2-1 Personal Training is delivered by our dedicated team of experts. You will be guided through carefully crafted programs specific to your fitness goals. Whether it's weight loss, toning or strength & conditioning, a PT will guide you in all areas and teach you the correct exercise techniques to achieve results. Ideal for anyone from the beginner just getting into fitness to the seasoned athlete. 

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What is a 4FiiT Transform Camp?

4FiiT Transformation Camp is led by our motivated and well-equipped 4Fiit coaches. You'll work with a group of fellow transformers sharing similar goals and motivation. You'll receive 3 PT sessions every week, a weekly weigh in, before and after photo, a recipe e-book and pro access to our exclusive member app, which includes the nutrition app, allowing you to track your calories, macros, meals and performance.

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